TimberTech products help create a more sustainable world - one piece at a time.

Vision:  TimberTech will be a leader in the decking and railing industry while integrating sustainable practices into three key components of our business:

1. Clean Manufacturing:

  • Waste Management: Minimize waste in all facets of our business.
  • Energy Efficiency: Minimize energy consumption while striving to convert energy used to renewable sources.
  • Water Efficiency:  Reduce our impact on local water supplies through responsible use and disposal.

2. Product Development:

  • Incorporate as many sustainable materials and processes into the product we manufacture without sacrificing quality.

3. Community Involvement

  • Community Involvement: Be a leader in the local community on sustainable practices and charitable contributions and involvement.

Current State of Sustainability

Much of TimberTech’s current sustainability efforts focus on our strong commitment to the people of our organization, and the community we reside. Below is a list of current sustainability achievements:

Clean Manufacturing

  • Waste Management
    • TimberTech has reduced trash sent to landfills by 90%.
    • 332 tons of material is recycled annually; this is the equivalent to 161 average household’s trash annually. 
    • 99% of waste material created during the manufacturing process is reclaimed.
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Shipping products by rail saves 120,000 gallons of fuel per year which is equal to taking 206 passenger cars off the road annually.
    • Since 2009, TimberTech has reduced electrical consumption by 2,300,000 KWH per year.  This could power 164 households for an entire year.
  • Water Efficiency
    • TimberTech reclaims and reuses 140,000 gallons of water/day in our manufacturing process by using a closed looped water system; this is the equivalent of providing water to 2,021 average households.

Product Development:

  • TimberTech decking and railing is manufactured with an average of 51% recycled content*.
  • TimberTech uses 107 million pounds of post industrial wood flour and post consumer plastic annually to make TimberTech products. 
  • All TimberTech products are urea formaldehyde-free.
  • Our product cartons are made with 43% recycled material fibers which meet SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) sourcing requirements and are 100% recyclable.
  • TimberTech is a participating member of the International Code Council, U.S. Green Building Council, ASTM International and the Composite Lumber Manufacturers Association.

Commmunity Involvement:

  • TimberTech supports the local community by contributing both time and money to charitable organizations. We strive to be a leader in charitable and community involvement and currently participate in over 30 charitable organizations annually.
  • TimberTech is also the recipient of the United Way Community Visionary Award and is the #1 contributor to the United Way in Clinton County, OH.
  • Currently, TimberTech has 12 employees actively serving as board members with local charitable organizations.