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Multiwidth Decking

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Take your deck design from classic to curated

Who says standard-width decking has to be the standard? TimberTech Advanced Polymer has collections offering wide (184 mm) and narrow (89 mm) widths in addition to the standard-width (140 mm) boards—so you can add a touch of the unexpected and an element of style. Whether you like the bold, wide vibe or classic narrow—or want to mix things up by combining more than one—you can create a deck design that is uniquely yours.

Craft your outdoor vision with multiwidth decking


89 mm deck board width, available in square-shouldered only.


140 mm deck board width, available in square-shouldered and grooved.


184 mm deck board width, available in square-shouldered only.

Choose your widths and colours

These collections and colours are available in multiple widths. Choose the colour and width you like best or mix and match to find the perfect combo for your deck design. For the best aesthetic result, we recommend choosing options from within the same collection.

Explore multiwidth projects

TimberTech Multiwidth Decking gives you the potential to create so many exciting configurations. To get started, take a look at how others have used our Multiwidth Decking to create their ideal outdoor looks.

Design your multiwidth deck

Explore ideas to help you visualize and customize your perfect multiwidth deck.